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Neil Merrill Series

With many bits, turning the shank also turns the bridle ring, or purchase, into a horse’s cheek, causing distraction from the rider’s commands. With the Mylers’ Patented Bushing System (available with custom and selected ready-made bits), the shank pivots independently with outward rein pressure until stopping at 45º, without turning the mouthpiece, purchase or bridle. Offering concise mouthpiece action, this small, important feature allows the horse to respond to subtle rein pressure and reduces riders’ overcommunication.

For signalling with a direct rein, designer Neil Merrill collaborated with the Mylers to create Neil Merrill Cheeks, which include the Patented Bushing System and unique hinged cheekplates. These features allow the cheek piece and bridle to stay flat to the horse’s face with outside and upward rein pressure, even when taking tight turns using a strong leading rein. Useful for any discipline or level of horse, Neil Merrill Cheeks are especially valuable for highly athletic events such as barrel racing or jumping.

Neil Merrill Short Shank Gag - MB02 - 5"
RRP $254.90

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