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Parelli C1 Cradle - MB04 - 5"

Code: 129406
  • Parelli C1 Cradle Bit
  • MB04 Mouthpiece (Low Port Comfort Snaffle with Independent Side Movement)
  • Stainless Steel with Sweet Iron Mouth
  • Comes with Braided Noseband and Support String (used to keep the noseband from slipping by tying it to the bridle browband)
  • Level 2
Myler Reference: 89-P55045
5" (12.5cm) Mouthpiece

Note: Myler polished sweet iron naturally oxidises or rusts over time. This is harmless to horses, and in fact further encourages salivation due to its sweet taste.

Rec. Retail: $399.90

Note: Prices shown are New Zealand Recommended Retail pricing only and include GST. The store is in no way obligated to charge these prices.


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