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SL Combo Breastplate - Mini

Code: 449164
This new SL Combo breastplate combines breastplate and traces all-in-one. This enables the breastplate to be used in either single or pairs configuration.

To convert from single to pair, simply fit a pair of Breastplate to Saddle Fittings through the loop on each side of the breastplate.

This model also features a padded wither strap, swivel rein rings and a padded 50mm (2") bearing surface with rounded edges for the horses' comfort.

Traces are 25mm (1") wide, and are fitted to the vehicle via a Buckle Combo Coupler (purchased separately). Traces can be shortened by simply cutting accross the segmented stitching between the holes.

Length (Centre of chest to end of trace): 150cm (59")
Mini Size

Rec. Retail: $289.90

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