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Ortho-Impact Pad Insert - English Endurance

Code: 839282
These are optional inserts for use with the Matrix™ English Endurance Pad - available in Black or Blue .

This Ortho-Impact™ model has been designed for general riding and schooling. It is especially beneficial for stabilising the saddle and compensating for horse conformation problems as well as for riders who need back support.

A layer of ultra-light high density Poron XRD™ minimises concussion while the layer of medium density viscoelastic foam offers stabilising support for both saddle and rider.

Poron XRD™ with Microban is a high performance open-cell foam that absorbs 90% of the energy from the impact of the saddle on the horses back, while minimising the energy bounce that a rider experiences landing in the saddle, allowing for a more secure seat. The layer of foam offers maximum cushioning protection without restricting the horse's range of movement.

Suitable for English Endurance Pads
Sold as a Pair

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