Rubber Cheeker Set - Black

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Code: 133911
Sometimes called an "Australian Noseband". Most commonly seen in racing, but suitable for all areas of equestrian sports. Like the elastic bit lifter, the rubber cheeker is designed to hold the bit high in the horse's mouth to prevent the horse from getting it's tongue over the bit.

The rubber rings sit between the bit rings and the horse's mouth, so this model has the added benefit of preventing the bit from pulling through the mouth and also prevents pinching by the bit rings.

Placing the cheeker in the sun or heated water may assist with warming the rubber and making it more pliable for fitting to larger ringed bits.

This set comes complete with a buckle piece that attaches to the bridle headpiece at the poll and provides adjustment when fitting.

Both the Rubber Cheeker and Buckle Attachment are available for separate purchase.

Note: the buckle piece is not required where the bridle is already fitted with a headcheck buckle.


Kit Components

This item contains the following components:

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